Finishing a List

It took ten years, but we've finally visited all the beaches in Palm Beach County. That's cause for celebration, don't you think? (So we had Shrimp and Grits for dinner.)

Although in Boca Raton, South Inlet Park is a county beach, so instead of paying a flat parking fee ($20 for the day), there was a self-service pay station instead ($3 per hour). Knowing it was spring break, we left home on the early side. While the beach was a bit on the crowded side, the parking lot wasn't full, so we were happy. 

It was a bit too windy to put up the umbrella, but otherwise it was a perfect day - warm and sunny. The wind caused some pretty powerful waves, and there was a riptide warning posted; however, we were careful and enjoyed our short swim in the ocean.

The county beach is on the south side of the Boca Inlet. If you have a few million spare dollars, you could choose to live in a gorgeous condo on the north side of the inlet. 

You could also choose to go out to sea in a yacht or a jet ski. If you choose the latter, be careful that you don't bury it in the sand. However, if you do, isn't it nice to know that there's a company who will get it out for you?

You'll notice that Beach Access #1 is at this park. Although it will take a while, someday we'll be back to watch a sunrise here. When that happens, another list will be complete!

Here's the "Beaches in Palm Beach County" list. You can read reviews about the first beaches here, and a few more here. I guess it's time to make a final "review" post, but not today.

  1. Coral Cove Park - 9/17/2011
  2. Dubois Park - 9/3/2012
  3. Jupiter Beach County Park - 7/14/2012
  4. Carlin Park - 1/1/2013
  5. Juno Beach Park - 7/6/2013
  6. Loggerhead Park - 8/24/2013
  7. John D. MacArthur Beach State Park - 10/26/2013
  8. Ocean Reef Park - 10/18/2014
  9. Riviera Beach Municipal Beach - 6/10/2015
  10. Palm Beach Shores Park - 9/7/2015
  11. Midtown Beach - 4/30/2016
  12. Phipps Ocean Park - 8/6/2016
  13. Richard G. Kreusler Park - 3/8/2017
  14. Lake Worth Municipal Beach - 7/15/2017
  15. Lantana Municipal Beach - 11/18/2017
  16. Ocean Inlet Park - 9/15/2018
  17. Ocean Ridge Hammock Park - 2/23/2019
  18. Boynton Beach Oceanfront Park - 5/27/2019
  19. Gulstream County Park - 11/1/2019
  20. Delray Beach Public Beach - 2/13/2020
  21. Atlantic Dunes Park - 7/10/2020
  22. Spanish River Park - 8/25/2020
  23. Red Reef Park - 10/14/2020
  24. South Beach Park - 3/3/2021
  25. South Inlet Park - 3/25/2021