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Atlantic Ridge Preserve - The First Visit

It's time to introduce  Atlantic Ridge Preserve State Park ! We completed all the activities on the list at Jonathan Dickinson State Park, so we get to start exploring a new state park now. This one may actually be considered part of the other, because in order to enter the park you need the gate code, which you get by calling Jonathan Dickinson. The goal for this first visit was to make it to the southern boundary, following the map route through intersections 3, 7, 6, 18, 19, 21, 22 and 24. One mile from the parking lot, via Park Drive, there's a big grassy opening marked Event Area. I can imagine some sort of equestrian activities happening here. After another mile, we reached Post #18 and the Seawind Canal. In the next mile, we started running into wet spots in the road/trail - some bigger and deeper than others. And then the cloudy day turned into a rainy day! Fortunately, it was a nice warm rain, and didn't last the entire time. We even found some wild flowers/grasse

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