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Remembering Last Year - The Holidays

Just as we'd done all year, we had to make some adjustments to our traditional celebrations for the 2020 holidays, but they were still wonderfully memorable. To start with, we put up the Christmas trees and started playing Christmas music even before Thanksgiving. To make it extra unique, whenever we had the opportunity, we watched a Hallmark Christmas movie, checking them off on the list the network posted. I promise that has never been done before, and will probably never happen again in the future, but it was fun to do once. (This was a "first year of retirement" adjustment; I often would watch a movie while addressing Christmas cards or wrapping gifts when Wayne was at work, and I wasn't ready to give up that activity. Fortunately, Wayne was willing to join me in watching the sappy movies.) Because of the pandemic, we had to cancel our traditional Thanksgiving trip to Virginia, which was terribly disappointing for my parents (and us), but fortunately Weston's

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