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Juno Dunes - Visit #1

There wasn't any rain in the forecast when we left to explore Juno Dunes Natural Area , but we drove through a rainstorm, and it was still a bit drippy when we arrived. Oh, well, it was still a gorgeous day!   We knew the access point was at the Loggerhead Beach. Unfortunately, we turned right instead of left as we entered the parking area, and it wasn't until later that we realized this nature trail wasn't actually part of the natural area; it was part of the Loggerhead Marine Center. Oops! Now you know to turn left, that you want to go to the north end of the parking lot, closer to the ocean. This area consists of a short trail - about 1/2 mile in total length - that is partly paved and partly sandy. It takes you through a few different ecosystems - including forest and flatlands - along to the pavilion on top of the highest natural point in the county - at a whopping 44 feet above sea level. You can see a variety of beautiful wildflowers. Maybe someday I'll try to id

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