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Rudolph Day - Gift Giving Revisited

If you remember, last month for Rudolph Day, we started discussing Christmas gifts. Let's continue with that subject. Once you've chosen "who" to give a gift to, the next decision is "what" to give.

So many options! Some people will give lavish gifts and others will give home-made coupons for back rubs. You may love giving gift cards, or you may hate the idea. (Personally, I'm kind of in the middle. It's not my preference, but sometimes it's the best way to show love and thoughtfulness.) Knowing your budget along with your recipients likes and dislikes is important in narrowing down the many choices. Because of this, I do believe in wish lists, (another thing that you may have strong feelings about either way). I want to give gifts that I know the other person will appreciate.

Gift-giving can be simplified by having certain traditions. For years and years, we always gave Rocky Road to school teachers. It's a family tradition to take coo…

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