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Deer Prairie Loop Trail

We picked a beautiful spring week to return to Myakka River State Park , to do the third loop of their long trail - the one outlined in red on the map below. The weather was gorgeous! Technically, there isn't a trail to get from the gate on the main road to the official trail system, but we knew there was a dirt road starting at the gate, and we figured it would eventually intersect with the trail. Fortunately, we figured correctly. The road basically followed the boundary line north. When the fence turned east, we turned west. Although the road wasn't obvious (it probably gets washed out each year during the rainy season), someone had tied a few pink ribbons to some trees, and we made it through the forest without any difficulty, other than having to shoo dozens of feral hogs, yelling at them to get out of our way. After about 1 1/2 miles, we found the trail intersection, and headed off to Panther Point Campsite, doing the loop counter-clockwise. Panther Point Campsite Shortly

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