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Me and My Dad

For Father's Day this year, I thought I'd try gathering all the pictures I have of just me and my dad. Unfortunately, there aren't that many! And I didn't even think of getting one of just the two of us on our visit last month . I guess that's a problem when you're the photographer! Something to remember the next time we're together. In the meantime, enjoy the ones I did find, and see if you can figure out what the occasion for each picture was! I posted these pictures specifically for my grandchildren, so they can see their great-grandfather, but I hope the rest of you enjoyed them as well. Did you figure out that they're pictures of my baby blessing day, my dad's graduation from law school, and my baptism day? The last one was taken on our "family farm" for an IBM newsletter, the issue in which they highlighted graduating seniors who received an IBM-sponsored scholarship, and included information about their IBM-employed parent. They want

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