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NeverBored in April

For months, if not years, it's been on my list to do a monthly post highlighting the little things that happen each month to keep us from being bored. Now's the time to stop thinking and start doing, to get to the "I'm glad I did, not I wish I had" mindset. So, here goes! It wasn't an April Fool's trick - on April 1st we finally received dose one of our long-awaited COVID-19 vaccines. We were actually quite impressed with the organization at the county-run site. Three weeks later we returned for the second dose. Now we can start planning a trip to visit my parents!  We had a great time celebrating both Easter and General Conference with Weston's family. We used artifical dye on our Easter eggs, while they used natural ones. Can you tell which is which?  It was fun watching the boys watch themselves in their  MCO  concert. We're so glad they magnifying their talents.  Holidays mean traditions, and traditions mean food, at least in our house. We had

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