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DuPuis Hike to the West

Time for another visit to DuPuis ! It's hunting season, so we donned our orange before heading out on our hike. Fortunately, we didn't run into any hunters, but it's always better to be safe than sorry! It's always nice to find an actual trail in Florida, as opposed to an old dirt road.  Because it was only just over a mile to the park boundary, instead of the two miles we were expecting, we decided to hike along the boundary for a bit, until the Ocean-to-Lake trail veers off over farmland. Maybe someday we'll do that section. We hiked the "western" part of the maintained Florida Trail. Next time we'll cross the DuPuis Grade Road and explore another section. When we visited DuPuis in September , the road to the picnic area was under water. This time it wasn't, so we checked it out and enjoyed our little lunch in the shade. Today's alligator count: 2 - one near the boundary canal, and the other in the pond by the picnic area. Fortunately, both w

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