Monday, March 27, 2017

Saturdays in March

March 4th:
It turned out to be a gorgeous day for our annual ward picnic.

March 11th:
Trip to Gainesville for Savannah's Baby Blessing. Saturday's activities included playing tennis, exploring a museum, watching the bats leave the bat house, and eating.

Note: For the first time in forever, Wayne missed the Stake Fathers and Sons campout which was held this weekend. As you can imagine, spending time with our own son who had just become a father was a higher priority. It looks like our church family had a good time as well; at least this year the weather was more cooperative than last year.

March 18th:
The weather warmed up enough for our first beach trip of the year. This time it was R.G. Kreusler Park, followed by lunch at Testa's of Palm Beach.

The food was delicious - rolls with tapenade, French onion soup, gazpacho (although I prefer my own recipe), lobster roll with potato salad, and catch-of-the-day sandwich with yummy french fries.

March 25th:
We're impressed that there were only two months between "sunrise at the beach" visits. Just so you know our typical routine, first we find the next marker numbered numbered by the county, walk to the beach, and set up our chairs.

Then I take dozens of pictures, not that I expect any of them to be outstanding, but because I can, and it gives me something to do.

Sometimes there will be some interesting sea creatures, birds, other animals, or even people.

Occasionally I'll try taking a video so our landlocked family and friends can enjoy the ocean waves. Maybe someday I'll be able to do so without the wind monopolizing the microphone.

Once the sun has come above the horizon, we read for a bit. I particularly loved how the sun was reflected in the wet sand this time.

Then I take a bunch more pictures and we check out the next pathway before heading to the cafe to enjoy our breakfast.

On this particular Saturday, after we arrived home, we did a few chores, tried a new recipe for dinner (Potato Balls with Picadillo and Plantains), and then I attended a Relief Society activity which included watching the general broadcast.

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