Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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Our Favorite Parks - 2 years later

A couple of years ago as part of a Relief Society activity lesson on things to do in the summer, I wrote about some of our favorite parks. You can find that post here. We have gone to the park a few times since then, so I figured it was time to update our findings. I don't know if we have a new favorite park yet, but we do have a lot that we'd be happy to visit again. Maybe you'll like one of them as well, so here you go!

There are a lot of things to do at state parks - maybe that's why they receive that designation. One of the closest ones to us is Jonathan Dickinson State Park. We enjoy taking the different hiking trails, watching the movies in the visitor's center, and grilling delicious lunches. One of these days we'll even rent canoes and explore the Loxahatchee River some more. Here are posts describing our recent visits:

Although not as large as state parks, county parks also have enough to do to merit multiple visits. Dyer Park is a good example. We've gone there to take a summer hikea fall hike, and have a barbecue picnic. Now we're trying to schedule visits to Glades Pioneer Park. We've done a couple of hikes (see here) and want to go back to check out their pool. Unfortunately, that isn't necessarily easily accomplished. The pool is only open from Tuesday through Friday during the summer. That conflicts just a bit with Wayne's employment. However, if that's not a concern for you, go enjoy it and let us know how much fun you have!

Our city's parks are mainly small neighborhood ones with playgrounds, but that's just perfect for a Saturday picnic in between other chores and activities. Recently we've visited a couple.

Here's a list of fun things to do while at a park, or even in your backyard.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas of things to do this summer! Let me know if you have favorite parks of your own, here or somewhere else.

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