Monday, August 10, 2015

Jonathan Dickinson State Park - August Visit

Saturday we went back to Jonathan Dickinson State Park and enjoyed a lovely, pleasant day. First up on the itinerary was the next hike on the list - the 4.9 mile Green Loop. This started in the parking lot by the entrance, and for a couple of miles we followed the same path we took on our first hike in January.
We must have been the first ones to use the trail in a while, however, because we kept running into spider webs! The horse flies were out as well. However, the company and the scenery made up for those little annoyances.
This is a good trail to take to practice reading blaze markings, just in case you ever need to do so.
We were able to see the observation tower in the distance; that's still on the list to explore another time.
We also passed a nice-sized turtle, which actually moved quite quickly.
For the final leg of the trail, we passed along the same little lake we walked by in January.
We cooled off (it is August in Florida) by going to the visitor's center and watching the first of five films.
Then it was time for a barbecue in the picnic area. The new shrimp salad recipe we tried was delicious!
Once again our mini Florida stay-cation did not disappoint, and we're looking forward to our next visit to this beautiful state park.

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