Friday, May 26, 2017

Jonathan Dickinson State Park - May Visit

Time for another hike! Last year I dropped Wayne off to do the orange "Ocean to Lake" hiking trail in Jonathan Dickinson State Park. That made it easy to know where to drop him off this time for the pink "Ocean to Lake" multi-use trail.

While he enjoyed his 15 mile hike, I drove to the picnic area and enjoyed waiting for him. It was the perfect time to read a book that had been on my list to read.

But before reading, I made my usual walk down to the river, and noticed something new - a mini bat house! Maybe some day we'll be there in the evening to see the bats leave.

I also noticed a couple of other new things, although these have probably been there for a while. First was a plaque commemorating the Battle of the Loxahatchee River during the Seminole Indian War. The second was the ampitheater for the campground. Finding that brought back fond memories of our summer vacation camping trips to the national parks. It's been a while since we've been able to do that, and we miss it.

We both enjoyed another beautiful day in Florida!

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