Monday, March 13, 2017

Savannah's Blessing Weekend

We had another granddaughter join our family in January, and this weekend we were able to meet her. We also had the chance to spend time with two other granddaughters. Just imagine how much fun we can have with them, and their other cousins as well, in ten years!

Wayne was such a nice grandpa, and shared his blue "juice" with Robyn at lunchtime. She thought that was a real treat. 
I guess I should have expected a playground on the UF campus to be bright blue and orange. Even the rubber chips were dyed blue.
When it got too warm to be outside, we walked over to the Museum of Natural History.

Then it was time for a pizza dinner and Piesano's did not disappoint. The pepperoni rolls were delicious and so were the pizzas - deluxe for the men, bianca for the women, and pepperoni with black olives for the kids.
This was actually a bit later, but I decided to keep the restaurant pictures together. My parents didn't arrive in time for the pizza, so Jeff recommended SweetBerries, and Wayne and I got dessert while they had sandwiches for dinner. Isn't it great that we got to try two Gainesville institutions in one evening?
Our planned "tourist-y" activity was to visit the bat houses. If you're there at sunset and the weather cooperates, you can watch hundreds of thousands of bats leave their nests and fly off to find dinner.

The shores of Lake Alice provided a peaceful waiting spot.
Everything went as planned, and shortly after sunset the bats started leaving. I tried getting a picture, but without much success. You can pretend you were there in person by watching this video. And you can get educated on bats in Florida by watching this one.
 I wonder if Savannah will remember her first exploring day with Grandpa?
In spite of the gray clouds, Sunday was a gorgeous day, and Savannah was given a beautiful blessing by her father. And she got to wear the same dress that Michelle did on her blessing day, which I'm told I also wore.

I hope we're able to take a four-generation picture for a long time to come.
After church we had a delicious lunch of green salad, Texas Toast, "Mom's Lasagna" (from Stouffer's!) and Texas Sheet Cake. I don't know if it was planned or not, but I loved the reminder of Savannah's Texas roots.
And I was grateful for the reminder of my roots, and the opportunity to spend some time, however brief, with my own parents. Thanks for making the long trip!

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