Brooke's Special Day

Happy Birthday, Brooke!

As we're honoring this beautiful granddaughter on her 9th birthday, I realized I'd never posted about her special baptism day. Time to rectify that!

Because of the pandemic, Brooke's special day was postponed, and then when it was rescheduled, we still weren't able to fly out. We may not have attended the baptism in person, but that doesn't mean we didn't participate! You can read about it here

I was also given the privilege of making Brooke's special dress. And because we had learned our lesson from the last white dress I made, we planned ahead and mailed it as soon as we realized we wouldn't be going ourselves.

Fortunately, there were family members living within driving distance, so there was a nice-sized group there in person. (And despite what these pictures show, they did follow reasonable safety precautions and no one got sick!)

Despite not being able to attend in person, we'll always have fond memories of this wonderful baptism day.