Boating on the Loxahatchee

Three years ago, to the day, we rented canoes at Jonathan Dickinson State Park and paddled up the river to Trapper Nelson's land. We thought it would be appropriate to retrace our "steps" for our weekly activity this year. However, instead of expending effort rowing, we rented a little skiff and let an engine do all the work. Once again, it was a gorgeous day and we had a wonderful time.

After making it to the dock upriver, we turned around and headed back. It would have been nice to get out and wander around the property, but the gates were closed due to the pandemic. Maybe some other time.

Just like three years ago, we ended our outing with a barbecue. This time the grill is showing its age, and since I have plenty of pictures of barbecued hamburgers, I didn't bother taking another one. However, rest assured that the burgers were delicious and the picnic area was beautiful and peaceful.