Canoeing on the Loxahatchee River

Jonathan Dickinson State Park - The Ninth Visit, or An October Visit

This turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day, and we were so glad we had planned to head to the local state park and rent a canoe. It was the perfect "stay-cation" activity, and a nice break after the previous weeks filled the stress of travel and hurricanes.

After leaving the dock, we headed up Kitching Creek. It was kind of cool to see the observation platform from the other side.

Back on the Loxahatchee we passed some wildlife on our way to the Trapper Nelson site.


Hurricane Irma didn't cause any lasting damage here, but the water levels were super high, and the main boat dock was still underwater. 

That meant the tourist trips were cancelled and we could explore the area without any large groups around. (There was another couple there when we arrived, and a caretaker when we left; much different from the last time we visited.)

The return trip was with the current, and although there were some spots where we had to row against the wind, overall this was a very do-able canoe hike and we weren't too sore the next day.

After returning our canoe and before driving home, we christened our brand new barbecue grill by making cheeseburgers. Delicious!

We're looking forward to our next visit to this beautiful park!


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