Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Establishing Residency

Jeff's been a Florida resident for over 15 years, but in order to be eligible for resident tuition for his graduate program, he had to prove that he was severing all ties with the state where he did his undergraduate work. So, after graduation I helped him drive his car home where he re-titled and re-registered it, and then he lived with us for a couple of months. There really wasn't time for him to get an outside job, so we put him to work at home. We certainly appreciate his willingness to tackle some of the chores we've had on the list for a while!

Cleaning the carpets. And mowing the lawn.
Washing the windows. And the cars, too.
Pulling out a bothersome bush.
Planting an orange tree in the resulting hole.
Cleaning behind the washer and dryer. And replacing the hose that broke in the process!
Cleaning the tops of the cabinets.

Helping with dinner and other meals.
Being an awesome nurse and chauffeur while I had to wear this contraption for a couple of weeks.
We tried to have some fun as well - kayaking on the Loxahatchee River.
Going to the beach.
 Hiking a time or two (maybe that was more work than fun).
Eating out a time or two (not sure what's up with the facial expression).
Taking advantage of technology to read a book to the 2nd grade class in Utah.
A lot of time was spent Skyping with Alicia and rebuilding Lego sets.
And he put the clubhouse facilities to good use on a regular basis.
And on his last day in Florida, he helped us celebrate Father's Day.
Once they were moved into their apartment and came down to retrieve the car, we celebrated the end of the separation with one more yummy dinner. They deserved a reward!
Best wishes on your new adventures!!

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