Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Quarter Century!!!

Happy Birthday to You, David!

This year I thought I'd post the "David birth day" story. I looked in my journal, and the entry was way too long to put here, so here's the synopsis:

On December 6th, the "official" due date, I drove from Clearfield (where we had moved the week before) to Provo for a doctor's appointment. Nothing was happening, so I went home, and my sister Louise came with us. On Sunday after church we drove her back to Provo. Because I had been having mild contractions that whole day, I didn't feel like driving the 100 miles back, so we dropped Weston off at a friend's house and went to the hospital. They wouldn't admit me, so Wayne and I decided to hang out at Louise's apartment for a while. I took a nap and then watched some tv and we headed back to the hospital after my water broke at 2 AM. David was born at 4:03 AM, weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces and was 20 inches long. Unfortunately he had a high white blood cell count, so I went home a couple of days later without him. Fortunately, by that Friday everything was normal and we were able to start our new life with two little boys, and a brand new job as well. To see more birthday pictures, go to last year's post. But here's one taken when David was a few months old, and his dad was 25 years old. Is there any resemblance?

Thanks for being a wonderful part of our family for the past 25 years!


Cheryl said...

Can we come visit you for Christmas? I would LOVE some of your weather right about now. My in-laws might kill me stopped them from having their first Christmas with their grandkids though...

Rennie said...

Becky...Wayne might be 25 but are you even legal age?! LOL You look like a teenager!