Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to You, David!

Happy Birthday, David!!!
2006 - Between his mission and going back to school, David's birthday was on a Sunday. But he would look nice and spiffy anyway.2002 - Not quite so spiffy at this age! Michelle was waiting to see if the cake would explode!
1999 - Don't you love the bleached head look?
1994 - Now there's one handsome young man!
1992 - Did you know he loves cars??
1989 - You should be able to guess how old he is now!
1986 - Michelle is predicting this will become your new facebook photo.
January 1985 - On David's blessing day. The couple of pictures taken at the hospital didn't turn out very well, so this is the best "newborn" one we have. August 1985 - This one doesn't have anything to do with birthdays, but when I flipped through the photo album and discovered it, I knew the cousins would want to see it. And there is a slight "birthday connection" - David Scott was named after his two uncles (Gregory David and Scott Vernard), and Scott was named after Grandfather Vernard Beckstrand (David's great-grandfather).
I'm sure Grandfather is smiling just as nicely as he sees the wonderful man you've become. Happy Birthday!

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Dave Whitaker said...

THANK YOU! Oh, and Michelle's prediction was right!