Friday, September 18, 2009

Grand Teton National Park

Friday Flashback
National Park Series #8 We finished all the national parks in Utah, and made our way to the adjoining state - Wyoming - which meant that in 1991 we visited the Grand Tetons. In spite of a botched motel reservation (note to kids: don't make a reservation for August 1st with a credit card that expires July 31st), we did get a room that night and were at the campground bright and early the next day to choose a campsite.
Wayne did a good job of training them early!
At age 6, David's already the expert at cooking foil dinners!
It was a unique experience to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa on our camping trip.
Of course we did a lot of hiking! Soda pop is a great reward for finishing!!
The highlight of the trip was renting a boat and paddling around in Jackson Lake.

Although we greatly enjoyed our camping and hiking in the desert vacations, I personally enjoyed the mountain version better. However, no matter where you are, we live in a beautiful world!


Rennie said...

Love the post.

Please tell me that your husband's shirt really does not say "Official Bikini Inspector"!!

I almost had to call the paramedics when I saw that because I was laughing so hard and could not catch my breath!

Delirious said...

I was just noticing Brad's mission start date. Looks like he is coming home soon. Or did I miss that he already got home?