Dike Hike

Now that we're retired, our "Saturday" activities don't have to be done on Saturday, so we took this hike on a Friday. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and this 8 mile hike was the perfect practice for our even longer hike the next week.

The Southwest Florida Water Management District has quite a few recreational areas, and we've enjoyed visiting the various spots. This one is called Stormwater Treatment Area 1 West and the public area is along the L-13 Canal which forms the northern border of the area.

We just walked along the dike, watching the birds and enjoying the sunshine. 

Our turnaround at the eastern end was a place we've been before, and it's always nice to see something familiar. This was the 20 Mile Bend area of the Arthur R. Marshall Wildlife National Refuge.

The western end was marked just by a "no trespassing" sign. We were obedient and turned around.

The end!