Sam's Special Day

Just in case it's not obvious from the pictures, Sam was baptized. It was a Covid-style baptism, but that just makes it more memorable. Fortunately, in spite of the pandemic limitations, Sam's other grandparents were not on a mission in Brazil (like they were for Wyatt's baptism), and they were able to be there with us in person. The aunts and uncles and cousins and great-grandparents joined in over Zoom.

It was a typical, special, spiritual meeting, with prayers by his grandmothers, talks by his grandfathers, and his mom and older brother as witnesses. After the meeting, Sam performed his very first act of service as a new member of the church by getting back in his wet clothes to reach down and pull the plug in the font.

Afterwards there were presents at home - reminders of how the Holy Ghost can help us (comforter, compass, flashlight and scriptures). Great traditions!

Sam requested that we bring dessert - chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, chocolate chips, and sprinkles. Grandpa thought he'd enjoy putting the sprinkles on himself, and he did. Look at his creativity! Each one was unique and delicious. We had a wonderful day making memories.