This Year's Anniversary Staycation


For our anniversary this year we decided to check out the Hilton on Singer Island. Actually, we had reservations there for a little staycation several months ago, but cancelled them when all the amenitites were closed (and we were following the rules to stay home besides) for the pandemic. However, now the amenities were open, with social distancing guidelines in place, and we figured it was time to venture out and see what life outside of our house is like.

Just a sample of the many reminders strewn around.

Because it was a beachfront hotel, we reserved a basic beachfront room, and were pleasantly surprised to be given an upgrade to the top floor suite. Summers are hot and humid and windy, so it was really nice to be able to enjoy the view from air-conditioned comfort.

However, we did go outside to bury out feet in the sand.

Our first restaurant meals in over five months weren't the best we've ever had, but they were fine and definitely memorable. Things were not quite back to normal and the in-house restaurant only served lunch. However, it was open until six, so we had an early dinner off the lunch menu; we felt that was better than venturing out to another restaurant, at least for this first post-COVID experience.

The early dinner meant we had time to watch the sunset, such as it was, from our room. The sunrise, though, was quite beautiful, and the balcony provided a very peaceful spot for our morning scripture study.

After breakfast it was time to spend a couple of hours relaxing on the beach. It's always a treat when you don't have to lug the chairs and umbrella from the parking lot!

We may not return to this particular property, but it's just the first of several hotels along that stretch of beach, so we'll be back, maybe even for next year's anniversary!


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