Wednesday, July 12, 2017

WFMW - Procrastination

Every so often these "Works for Me Wednesday" posts weren't actually about things that worked, but things that we wanted to work. I've always struggled with a tendency to procrastinate, particularly on things that I didn't want to do, and this week I felt the need to try harder to not procrastinate.

I remember reading a while back some questions to ask yourself to help you get going, so I looked up a couple of articles to see if I could find them again. These may or may not be the same, but they should work. I hope they help me, and I hope they help you!
  1. What one thing can I do to get started?
  2. What are my three biggest priorities today?
  3. How can I make this easier?
  4. What will go wrong if I don't do this now?
Actually, although those are good ones, I'm pretty sure those aren't the same questions I read before. Neither are these, but they're pretty good ones as well.
  1. Should I be doing this?
  2. Do I feel overwhelmed with options?
  3. Am I distracted?
  4. Do I have what I need (skills and resources)?
  5. How do I feel?

However, I like these two the best.
  1. What can I do right now that will make my life more peaceful and joyful later? (Helps with setting priorities.)
  2. Will doing this now, rather than later, give me more peace and joy? (Helps with motivation.)
So, I've been procrastinating posting this, because I didn't magically change in one week! And while dilly-dallying, I found a few more websites to share. Here's one.

This person never got around to checking his spelling or grammar, but if you can look past that, there are some helpful suggestions. This person has helpful suggestions AND proper grammar!

Please let me know ways you've found to overcome this problem. I'm hoping that I can turn this weakness into a strength someday before I run out of tomorrows!

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