Wednesday, June 28, 2017

WFMW - Summer Activities - Trips

Most of our summertime activities will need to fit around the daily tasks of cooking and cleaning and refereeing. However, the more memorable days will probably be ones where you set that aside and get out of the house for an entire day. I have fond summer-time memories of my mom taking us to first pick berries or spend an hour or two at the family history library, before going to the beach for the afternoon. Then there would be the two-hour drive (where we all napped!) to arrive home for dinner with dad at the normal time. What will your children remember about this summer?

Short Trips -

Take a day trip to the zoo or the aquarium or to a living history park. For example, while Lion Country Safari is close to our house, Springton Manor is close to one set of grandchildren. If you just look, I'm sure you can find something within driving distance of your home. Maybe there will be an admission cost (Lion Country Safari), but maybe not (Springton Manor). Our daughter-in-law discovered that they can check out a free family pass to the Atlanta Zoo; maybe your library has a similar program.

Longer Trips -

Part of the fun of a family vacation - whether it's camping at a national park, renting a cabin on the beach, staying in a hotel in New York City, or visiting DisneyWorld - is preparing ahead and building excitement. Take some time during your normal schedule to make lists of things to pack, read books on what you might discover, put together a schedule or itinerary, or do jobs to earn money for souvenirs. Then go on your vacation!

Taking a trip down memory lane on our drive across the country last summer!

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