Saturday, June 24, 2017

Corbett WMA - Hike #1

The morning we had planned to do this hike it was pouring down rain. If we were camping, that wouldn't have deterred Wayne, but I guess we're getting a little soft in our old age, and so we stayed home and did some stuff around the house instead. The next free Saturday, rain was in the forecast, but not until the afternoon, so we got an early start and hoped we'd beat the rain. We did.

This hike is a portion of the Ocean-to-Lake Trail found in the Corbett Wildlife Management Area. We had a beautiful drive to the starting point. 

When we visited the area last time, the "low water crossings" were dry, but this time they weren't.

The trail intersects the dirt road. The plan this time was to head west; next time he'll do the east section.

All ready to go!

He had about 20 feet of dry trail before getting his feet wet. It is the rainy season, after all, and that's what he expected. It was a 14 mile round trip, and 12 of those miles were in ankle to calf deep water. Everyone asks if he was concerned about gators or snakes and the answer is "no" - they really don't like people and scurry away when they hear splashing.

While he hiked, I did a bit of exploring near the car (and read some books). I love spotting cattails. There were beautiful wildflowers, and even an intriguing grasshopper to keep me company.

Happy hiker!

We'll be back, although we might wait until the dry season!

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