Wednesday, May 31, 2017

WFMW - Summer Movie Promotions

One thing that worked for us in years past (and, who knows, maybe this year as well), is to take advantage of the summer promotion at the movie theater. Admittedly, we didn't learn about this until our kids were mostly grown, but even Michelle and I enjoyed getting out of the house and seeing a movie together. It's just not something we ever did on a regular basis, so it was a nice treat. She also took children she was babysitting one summer. If you go expecting to be over-run with little kids and summer camp groups, it's more enjoyable!

Paragon Theaters is located in the Wellington Green Mall.

Regal Theaters is in Royal Palm Beach on S.R. 7.

I noticed a great tip from one mother who is trying to save money. Buy one large tub of popcorn (she said they often come with free refills) to share as a family. Portioning the popcorn into brown paper lunch sacks once you're seated prevents spills from happening by passing the bucket down the row. It also prevents one person from hogging the treat!

To see if this promotion is available near you, check this site. Unfortunately, they're not doing it in Utah.

Regal Royal Park Stadium 16

3702 W. Newberry Road Gainesville, FL 
Starts Tue. Jun 6 (so same schedule as above)

Regal Stadium 22 @ Austell

2480 East-West Connector Road Austell, GA 
Starts Tue. Jun 6 (so same schedule as above)

Regal Oaks Stadium 24

180 Mill Road Oaks, PA 
Starts Tue. Jun 27 and goes through Aug 23

In addition, many cities offer free outdoor movies on a regular basis. I know ours does. Just do a Google search. For example, here's a listing of free summer movies near Philadelphia this summer.

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