Wednesday, February 1, 2017

French Toast Four Ways

On the first weekend in January we had a little staycation, and I chose French Toast for breakfast at the hotel restaurant. The next weekend we watched the sunrise, and then had breakfast at Lazy Loggerhead Cafe. For some reason I didn't feel like eggs, so ordered their French Toast, and then realized I had started a pattern!
Lazy Loggerhead's version - a bit too much cinnamon in the batter for my taste.
We had another Saturday restaurant breakfast, so once again I ordered French Toast, and just to keep the pattern going, I made my own the last weekend. I'm not surprised that I enjoyed my own recipe the best, but it was fun comparing the others. I'm a bit particular about the fruit on my French Toast - berries and not bananas - and I prefer my own syrup.

Maybe next year we'll try the experiment again!

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