Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Works for Me Wednesday - the 2017 Edition

One of the New Year's Resolutions I considered was to bring back "Works for Me Wednesday" on this blog. I really enjoyed participating in that blog hop several years ago, and although it's now no longer in existence, I just liked the ring of "Works for Me Wednesday" and feel it's a good way to share with my readers ideas and habits that have been successful in our family.

I obviously didn't start this in January, but it's never to late to make changes and the beginning of the second quarter is a good starting place as well, don't you think? Although I don't necessarily believe in "Spring Cleaning" - it's NOT something that "works for me" - some of the first thoughts that came to mind are cleaning tips.

I've mentioned this before, but one of the things I wish I had known 30 years ago was how to properly clean a shower. I still wouldn't call myself an expert, but since we moved into this house six years ago, I haven't cringed when looking at the shower. I call that success!

So, here's my system. Every single day (right after my shower) I use a squeegee to wipe down the glass doors, then a small towel (kept hanging right next to my bath towel) to wipe the chrome fixture and door frame. That's the main key to keeping the glass clear. Once a week I spray the tile down, about ten minutes before my shower, alternating between Tilex "mold and mildew" remover and Tilex "soap scum" remover. (There might be other products, but we discovered these when Wayne was working for Clorox and they work.) Every couple of months I coat the glass with car wax, which makes the water bead up and helps the squeegee job go faster.

Basically, it took me 30 years to learn that taking a minute (or less) every day to wipe down the shower saves hours of scrubbing time later. I'm sharing this in the hope of saving you lots of scrubbing time.

Note: I'm assuming you're starting with a clean shower. This house was in pretty decent shape when we moved in, but before doing so, we did take the time to thoroughly scrub the tile, check the grout and re-do some spots, and re-caulk around the door frame. I also learned that re-caulking is something that just needs to be done every few years. It doesn't take too long, and makes everything look nice and new again.

If you're not starting with a clean shower, check this post where people gave me ideas and suggestions. 

So, that's what Works for Me this Wednesday. Feel free to add an idea of your own in the comments.

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