Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Training - Take Two

Last year as part of our spring-time staycation, we attended a spring training game. Unfortunately, it got rained out. We were given the option of different tickets or a refund, and we took the refund because there wasn't room on our calendar for another game. However, Wayne still wanted me to experience a spring training game, and when he was offered an extra ticket for a bank-sponsored event this year, he invited me to join him for a game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Nationals.

This time we had a VIP experience, complete with a special pass to watch batting practice, game tickets in the covered "Cassidy Cool Zone", and lunch provided. It was a wonderful outing, and although I felt a bit like I was wasting time and being unproductive, I did enjoy spending time with my husband and meeting some of his colleagues. And it didn't rain a drop! Florida in the spring really is paradise.

The only baseball player I know of is Bryce Harper, and Wayne was looking forward to seeing him play. I guess he didn't need to prove himself because he didn't even travel with the team. It's a good thing we're not super invested in "our" team, because the Cardinals won. And since that's technically the home team, and most of the fans were there for St. Louis, that's actually a good thing.

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