Saturday, February 18, 2017


We're still enjoying new experiences, and one great thing about three-day weekends is that we can double our fun.

First up was watching our very first professional tennis match - as part of the 25th Anniversary festivities of the Delray Beach Open.

First we watched a doubles match - part of a Team USA vs. Team International competition.

When that match was over, the players were available to sign paraphernalia (which was available for purchase if you didn't bring your own), but we decided to just walk around the stadium a bit.

And then we watched a singles match between Fish and Gonzalez, also part of the pre-tournament competition.

I was quite impressed with the choreography and respectful attentiveness of theball boys and girls.

On President's Day we didn't try a new activity, but we did do some new exploring. I'll write about that in a different post, and leave you with an "artsy" photo of the cool tennis stadium in Delray Beach.

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