Saturday, October 29, 2016

Beckham's Blessing

We were so grateful for the opportunity to share Beckham's blessing day with him and his family. It was a quick trip, but we packed a lot in and had a great time.

We were also grateful to realize that we'd been given a tender mercy when booking the plane tickets a few months ago. Originally we were going to go the week after general conference, but for some reason we checked flights for the next weekend, and they were noticeably cheaper and more convenient, so we went with that. Later we realized that would have been stake conference for the Provo ward, and in addition we were busy preparing for Hurricane Matthew that week. I just had to record that amazing little miracle. Now, on to the pictures!

We went straight from the airport to meet David at the model home for the house they're building.
And then we walked over for a quick tour of the construction site. They're making good progress and hope to be able to move in over the Christmas break from school.

For dinner we enjoyed our family tradition of pizza at Brick Oven. It was a bit crowded due to Homecoming, so we were in two adjacent booths, but it worked out, and we even saw a couple of people from Florida. You know it's a great restaurant when the picky eater devours his entire dinner! And the non-picky eater was able to take home leftovers for a week of lunches. (You can read how/why the tradition started here.)
The purpose of the trip was to spend time with David's family, but since we have other children living in Provo, we were able to visit Michelle's new apartment and catch up a bit with the newlyweds as well.
Another little bonus surprise was finally being able to hear Nicala play her violin. Their apartment is in the same ward as David's, and she was asked to play a musical number in sacrament meeting. I wonder if the bishop planned that on purpose or not? We love visiting Wymount Terrace wards because it brings back fond memories of our experiences there many years ago.

While waiting for pictures after the block of meetings, Dallin found a stick. Little boys and big boys know that sticks are meant to be used as swords! Good thing Great-Grandpa always has one handy. 
We love our growing family!
Next on the agenda was a delicious picnic lunch, followed by lots and lots of visiting and relaxing.
After all the other visitors left, we walked over to the Provo Temple to enjoy the peace and beauty of the temple grounds. Other people had the same idea, and one of Dallin's friends joined the picture-taking session. 
Fall has arrived in Utah! 
Families can be together forever. We're so grateful for that knowledge and for all the beautiful temples that now dot the earth. We're even more grateful for our awesome grandchildren and their parents!

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