Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Road Trip 2016 - High Museum of Art in Atlanta

Buttons are fascinating, no matter your age!
Knowing that we'd have a few hours to explore in Atlanta, Michelle decided the High Museum of Art would be a great choice, particularly since it looked like there would be an exhibit or two that might interest the little girls. So, off we went!

Brooke would have loved to spend more time exploring the Tiovivo sculptures; unfortunately, there were hot to the touch. They're on display through Thanksgiving, and are outside the ticket booth, so maybe she can visit them another time.

The Eric Carle exhibit was inside the nicely air-conditioned building. It was actually quite fascinated to read about how he created his books. I was surprised at the number of titles I didn't recognize, and it was nice that they had copies of the books available to read. I love the bright colors and the collages are amazing. 
That was only one exhibit, though. This museum had a lot of different ones. I also loved how the building fit so well with the different collections.
When I think of art, I normally think of paintings. I was reminded that art comes in many different forms. Brooke liked this one which was just a series of mirrors stacked in a certain way.
One of the other  "temporary" exhibits showed the art of Vik Muniz. This was absolutely fascinating. He takes different objects, I guess they could be called mosaics, forms them into whatever he wants to portray, and then photographs them. He had some made using sugar, others with diamonds, and a whole series using old family pictures.
This set of three "paintings" was made out of toy army men.
This one was made out of a variety of objects. I picked the blue wastebasket to do the close-up of because it was the most obvious from a distance. Can you spot it on his shoulder?
He re-created the Mona Lisa using peanut butter and strawberry jam. Amazing!
Another thing he did was to collaborate with someone and carve pictures of castles on individual grains of sand - his version of a sandcastle. 
 In honor of their recent return from France, we took a picture in front of the Paris scene.
This looked like it was created out of a bunch of different post cards or something.
Zooming in on the detail of the bridge.
While their mom and dad studied another piece of art, we tried getting a picture of Brooke and Robyn. If our goal was to get them to stand still and look at the camera, we didn't succeed. They were more interested in climbing on the bench and each other.
It's easier to sit still when someone's reading a story to you, but that doesn't make taking a picture any easier.
Visiting the art museum was a great idea, Michelle. Thanks for a wonderful excursion!

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