Saturday, May 7, 2016

In Honor of Mother's Day

This week I remembered that during our Thanksgiving visit I found a folder of pictures of my mom, taken when she was a young girl. What a treasure! Anyway, I figured some of you might enjoy seeing them as well. I'm thankful for modern technology (that sometimes actually works properly!) that allows pictures of pictures to turn out actually quite well.

This first one is perfect for Mother's Day, because it shows my mom with me (standing on the grass) and my younger sister.
I love this one of her as a teenager. 
Here are some more with her as a teenager. The bottom left one she's with her younger sister, and the bottom right one with her mother and baby brother.
I should probably save this next one for a Christmas post, but I'm not. 
Christmas 1952: Kathy, David, Judi, Brian
The top left is another good Mother's Day photo; this is my grandmother holding my Aunt Kathi, then my mom and Uncle David on the right. In the group of children, my mom is in the center of the first row. The bottom three are of her as a young girl.
 Mom and Dad, either just before or just after their wedding.
This is the one picture I had seen before, but I love it, and I'm glad I have a copy of it now. My mother was a beautiful bride. She's even more beautiful now.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

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