Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Exploring in Pennsylvania

One afternoon we took a walk with bikes along the Struble Trail, which follows the East Branch of the Brandywine Creek. (Click here to see the map.) It reminded of the New River Trail in Virginia.

The trees are still bare, but they're beginning to bud, and we did find some colorful flowers.

How would you pronounce Uwchlan?

This cutie stayed at home with his mama. Unfortunately, it won't be long before he's running along the trail with his big brothers. Time flies so quickly!

Another day we went to Marsh Creek State Park, where the activity of choice was throwing rocks into the reservoir.

But we also took a short hike along the "red" trail
 to find a picnic table, and another rock-throwing spot.
When Mom's along for the adventure, there are snacks in the backpack!
Looking forward to coming back some day. Maybe we'll walk the entire red trail and have a picnic. Grandpa would like that.

Another day we visited the Lower Merion Baptism Cemetery in Bryn Mawr. I noticed that the family I was researching just before this trip immigrated from Ireland to the Pennsylvania area. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to do something while in the area. Fortunately, Weston and Megan thought it sounded like fun as well. And we did have a good time exploring the cemetery looking for recognizable names. Go here to see what we discovered.

However, the boys had more fun at the nearby playground. Hooray for the internet for letting us know Ashbridge Park was so close to the cemetery.
One day we enjoyed lunch at Far Away Farm's Country Store, a local business just down the road from their house. They make delicious sandwiches and desserts!
We had one more adventure, but the trip into downtown Philadelphia deserves its own post. Pennsylvania is a great place to visit. I hope these cute grandkids stay there long enough so we can do a lot of visiting and exploring!

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