Saturday, February 6, 2016

Final Day of Being a Tourist

Guess what was first on the list for our last day? We were actually quite lucky. The Eiffel Tower was closed for a few weeks for refurbishing or something, but it reopened for our last day in Paris. It was a cloudy, foggy day, so the view wasn't marvelous, but it was still a wonderful experience. We're glad we were able to share it with Brad and Cody.
From the bottom. This monument really is massive.
Taking the elevator up!
Exploring the second level.

All the way at the top!

Coming back down.
More time at the 2nd level.
We loved this perspective of the tower.
Exploring the first level.
Back on the ground again.
Heading to the bus stop for our trip across the city.
One final destination - the hills of Montmartre.
Looking for the perfect painting to help them remember their visit. (Check their blog to see which one they chose.)
One final church/cathedral visit - Sacre-Coeur.
We had a wonderful time in Paris, so much so, that I'd love to go back again. Maybe someday we will.

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