Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Remembering Thanksgiving - The 2015 Trip

Last week we enjoyed a nice trip to Virginia. Fortunately it wasn't so frigidly cold that we wondered why we left Florida! And it was nice to enjoy some fall foliage.
We left home bright (or dark) and early, and at breakfast time stopped in Gainesville to pick up Jeff and Alicia. I tried snapping a few pictures of the graffiti wall and the stadium on the University of Florida campus, but they didn't really turn out. Because many, many other people were also traveling north, it took us a bit longer than it should have normally, but we made it to Woodlawn in time for dinner. As usual, it was wonderful to spend some time with family that we haven't seen in a while.

The next day it was time to prepare for a yummy feast. Everyone did their part! Holly's specialty is Green Bean Casserole, and she can always find someone to help her open the cans.
Wayne figured out that the kitchen table had a hidden leaf that had never been used. The extra space that created came in handy.
While the turkey and green bean casserole were cooking, Holly and the rest of us enjoyed using Facetime to talk with Brooke and her family in France. They had to substitute a chicken for the turkey, but otherwise managed a typical American Thanksgiving dinner themselves.
So much to be thankful for!
Friday several of us went back to the New River Trail State Park to help Wayne complete his goal to hike its entire length. There was a 15-mile segment left - from Byllesby Dam to Galax.
Wayne started with Jeff and Weston. In Gambetta, Weston's family joined them for the next three miles.
The kids had fun playing at Dannelly Park while waiting for Grandpa and Jeff to show up there.
Then they went back to take their afternoon naps, and I drove to the end to pick up the hikers.
It took eight years, but he did it! We are thankful that Jeff was there for the first part and the last part, and also grateful that other family members also got to keep him company along the way.
Once the hiking was finished, it was time to help Holly with her project - stuffing over 700 envelopes with her Christmas cards. She has a lot of friends! Fortunately, she also has a lot of kind, willing, and helpful nieces and nephews.
The great-nephews helped by staying out of the way! They had fun creating their own entertainment with Daddy's legs, balls, dinosaurs, and crayons.
One of my favorite memories of the trip was listening to Jeff tell his "how we met and got engaged" story to his grandmother. He also introduced her to the world of "selfies."
Thanksgiving is wonderful, but family is even more wonderful!

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