Monday, November 9, 2015

Remembering Thanksgiving - Five Trips to Seattle

A few years ago on this blog, I shared some memories of our trips to Seattle for Thanksgiving. However, I had forgotten, and I'd also misplaced where I'd stored the scanned photographs. So I scanned them again! And I might as well write about them again. Maybe there will be something different.

On this trip we were able to meet our nephew Nathan. The boys had fun playing with Aunt Julie and Uncle Greg.

We visited friends from high school and college days - the Bowen's and Hiatt's, Decker's and McCord's.
We shared a typical FHE puppet story on gratitude.

We gathered at a studio for a family portrait. My favorite exchange from that activity:
     Photographer: "Do you hit your little brother?"
     Weston: "Not any more."

Originally we weren't going to make the trip because of MBA projects and tests with imminent due dates; however, Wayne was promised the use of the computer and time to study, so off we went. It was great being able to spend time with family and friends, and as far as I recollect, our little vacation didn't do irreparable damage to Wayne's grades.
Julie and Weston had fun using up the last of the Halloween make-up.
One of the favorite toys - found at Grandma's house and not at home - was the Lite Brite.

Five cute cousins - Nathan, Brett, Weston, David, Brad
On this trip Aunt Julie took Weston and David to see "The Little Mermaid" - their first experience with a movie theater. We also spent some time at the Seattle Aquarium and visited family and friends.
The boys enjoyed playing in the Bassett's tree house while the parents visited.
Earlier in the month, Wayne attended a conference in Las Vegas and brought home shirts for the boys. Grandma's stairs made a great place to try corralling them for a picture.
Jeff wasn't too thrilled with the idea.
We also decided we liked our tradition of going out to dinner with Wayne's brother and his wife, so we did it again this year. It rained for our entire visit, but that didn't stop us from exploring a neighborhood park, checking out the model train exhibit at the Science Center, and enjoying ice cream cones with our college friends and their kids.

A highlight of the trip was a visit to the Seattle Children's Museum. Lots of fun memories!

Up to seven cute cousins!
Brad, Weston, Jeff, David, Brett, Amy, Nathan
One of my favorite memories of the trip was discovering Jeff helping to unload when we got home.
Thought you might enjoy seeing our old apartment from a baby's perspective.
Although there aren't any pictures of the actual Thanksgiving dinner, I'm sure it was delicious and the company was wonderful. We loved being able to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa; they are always great hosts. On this trip, however, we also did some exploring.
Alki Point and a visiting Russian naval ship
It's always good to find a playground. Bonus points if there are four empty swings!
Woodland Park Zoo

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