Thursday, July 9, 2015

St. George 2015 - Time for a Family Reunion

It's been a few years since we've been able to have our traditional "camp in a national park for a week" vacation, but what we've done instead has been enjoyable. This year it was a trek west for Wayne's family reunion. I took almost 1,000 pictures trying to document everything, and pretty much all I learned is that I still need more practice. However, these will help me remember the wonderful time we had, and hopefully you will enjoy these few posts as well.

Our trip started with the ten-hour drive north to Atlanta, where we picked up Brad's family and continued on for another day and a half of non-stop driving. By taking a southern route, we were even able to add some new states to our list of visited places.
Brooke took full advantage of our rest stops, and enjoyed playing hide-and-seek with both her dad and grandpa.
The majority of our stops were to get gas and food; instead of playing hide-and-seek, Brooke found other ways to get out her wiggles. 
We decided to heed this sign found outside of Tuba City, Arizona, and on our return trip stopped for lunch in Kanab and were able to say hi to some great friends. I'm sure they'd love your business if you're ever in the area!
We tried to estimate where we would be on Sunday morning at church time, and had decided that the Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site in Arizona would be a good place to change into church clothes. I was amazed at the actual timing; we arrived five minutes after it opened AND we discovered as we were pulling into its driveway that the Ganado Branch building was right next door. We decided it would be better to be 30 minutes early rather than 10 minutes late, so we attended that sacrament meeting. (It's a good thing, because we never did find the building that was supposed to be 20 miles down the road.) By this point Robyn was pretty tired of her car seat, so her cute little family walked over, and saw some prairie dogs and other animals along the way. Maybe someday we'll go back and actually tour the trading post.
Lunch stop that day was just outside of Lee's Ferry, where the highway crossed the Colorado River.
It was hot, hot, hot, but we still enjoyed our picnic and walking over the bridge.
We arrived in St. George in perfect time to check into our condo and join the rest of the family for dinner, grateful that we had a few days to recover before facing the return trip home!

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