Friday, July 31, 2015

Dyer Park - The Third Visit

Visiting Dyer Park on New Year's Day was quite delightful (see here). Our February visit was just as nice (see here). When we weren't able to finish the hikes on the list in the spring, I was disappointed. I really had no desire to go back in the summer. However, I lucked out and last Saturday was a nice, cloudy day, and we were able to enjoy our day in the park before the afternoon thundershowers came.
This multi-use trail took us from the parking lot, along the lake, and through the playground to reach the main entrance.
Then we walked around the basketball, baseball, and soccer fields.
We finished our walk by taking the 1.5 mile loop around a giant, open field.
Then it was back to the playground area where we had a nice quick lunch of Jalapeno Cheese Sausages. You'll notice we even got a bit of blue skies before the gray ones returned. There's still one more hike. I wonder what the weather will be like our next available Saturday!

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