Monday, June 1, 2015

Hawaii 2015 - Part One

It was tough leaving the paradise we call home, but we took the long journey anyway, and are glad that we did.
An almost two-year-old little boy is a better hazard than any windmill, but we had a lot of fun trying to get the ball in the hole. Grandpa won!
There was even a fun playground on site.

After working up an appetite, we stopped at one of the many beaches for a picnic lunch. 
 We're looking forward to trying the delicious roasted red pepper sauce on future turkey sandwiches.
 Then it was time for a quick stroll along the coast.
Some of the best times on our trip were just interacting with the grandchildren in their own home. Evelyn loved Grandpa's hat and Aunt Michelle's blankets were put to good use as indoor swings.
 Family scripture time was awesome! Didn't you know it's easier to understand The Book of Mormon if you're wearing a fireman's helmet?
Miss Clara did a fair amount of sleeping, but since meeting her was the main purpose of this trip, we had to get a few pictures! Welcome to the family little girl!! We're glad you're here.

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Dave said...

Wow you got a ton of great pictures! Can you send me a good one of Dallin and Evelyn golfing?