Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hawaii 2015 - Part Four

Our last day we woke up early, not for the sunrise, but to drive out to Kipu Ranch where we took an ATV tour. That was a fun, new experience.

Mark was our guide. He did a great job and we learned quite a bit of information about the history of the area.

Wayne swung from the same tree in the Huleia Valley that Harrison Ford did - in an Indiana Jones movie. He managed to make it back to land safe and dry. Someone else in our group wasn't so lucky, or skilled, but she was a good sport about it.       

The view of Kipu Kai, reachable only by boat, not car.

It was dirty and dusty, but I suppose that's better than dirty and muddy. If you ever go, be sure to wake up early and do the morning tour. We were grateful that it was an absolutely beautiful day, and it was fun to spend time together.
After cleaning up we tried our first ever Costco hot dogs. (Unfortunately, we missed meeting the others for a Puka Dog.) How's that for a fun vacation experience? Then while Wayne returned to the museum, I took one last walk on the beach. It's just as beautiful in the afternoon as it is in the morning.

I'm posting this picture so I can remember that we liked the spider plants and the wild ginger (the pink flowering bush) and what we called Braille Fern (ask David what the real name is). There's our token picture of the ubiquitous Kauai roosters and then this gorgeous little bird with the red head.
Our last activity was a family dinner at a beachfront restaurant - Duke's next to the Kauai Marriott. We ordered the fish special, macadamia encrusted Mahchong, and Hula Pie, and both were delicious.

The flight home was LONG, but at one point there were some cool clouds to observe.
And we even arrived home during the day, so we could view our town from the air. Can you spot our church building near the center of the bottom left corner picture (above the adjacent Jewish synagogue)? Our house is in the top left one, and the white complex in that picture is our local hospital. That probably means nothing to you, but we thought it was kind of cool
Thanks for some wonderful memories!!

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Dave said...

Tons of great pictures! The "braille fern" is called the Lawai Fern. We are excited to see the future blooms of the 5 spider lilies we just planted in the yard!