Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Dike Hike

After waiting months, if not years, for this trail along the levee to be opened, Wayne finally learned that it was, at least on the weekends. So, one Saturday in May we headed down to drop off a car. There was a big "trail closed" sign, but we stopped at the visitor's center (Arthur R. Marshall National Wildlife Refuge) before leaving at the other end, and were assured that we'd be able to see where the trail detoured around it. 
So, off we went. And even though it was supposed to be a 12 mile hike, I thought it would enjoyable.

It was. Look at the gorgeous scenery.

 There wasn't any shade along the trail, but we did have floating clouds and a slight breeze.
At this point we should have only had a couple of miles to go. However, the trail was blocked with a fence and "no trespassing" sign, with heavy equipment on the other side. The volunteer at the visitor's center was wrong. The 12 miles turned into about 16. So the next several miles were pretty miserable, at least for me, as we had to leave the levee and follow some dirt roads around to the main road and other entrance. However, I survived. Next time we'll pack more water than we think we need! 
The fluttering butterfly was the highlight of the last few miles.

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