Monday, May 11, 2015

May's Stay-cation

Time to report on the delightful little stay-cation we had Mother's Day weekend.
Wayne had done some research on a good place to have dinner, so after checking into the Fairfield Inn we went over to Miller's Ale House in Jupiter. We had such a delightful time that once we got back to the hotel, he wrote his first-ever online restaurant review. The food was good, particularly the Zinger Flatbread and Captain Jack's Buried Treasure (a chocolate ice cream cake) but the service was phenomenal. Wayne was impressed.
The next morning we headed over to Riverbend Park where Jeff met us and we rented a couple of kayaks so we could explore the Loxahatchee River.

It was a gorgeous day!

We had to cross a couple of dams. Jeff decided he'd tackle one without portage.
The scenery reminded me a lot of Congaree National Park.
We made it as far as the Turnpike overpass before turning around and heading back.
Sitting in a kayak for a few hours gets you a bit wet; I guess I splash too much when I paddle. However, because a couple of people have strong muscles, we didn't have to take home sopping wet towels.
It really was a beautiful day!

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