Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Visiting

Thanksgiving Dinner with our kids was a nice by-product, but the real reason for our trip was to meet this precious little boy who joined our family mid-October:
We were also thrilled to spend time with the other grandchildren.  Look at how they're growing!  Do you think maybe they're related? 

Before she left Hawaii, Evelyn apparently had a vocabulary of several words.  After a few days in Utah, it had regressed to one - "Baby!"

The proud parents!
With his eyes open.
We're so blessed!


Elizabeth said...

Now Evelyn has a new favorite "baby" she always looks for-- the baby Jesus in all of our nativities. It's still her favorite word :)

Meg said...

Wow, I love all those pictures... would you mind sending me all of them? I married into such a fantastic family! It's such a blessing to feel so loved. :)