Sunday, November 18, 2012

South Florida Little Philmont

Last weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the South Florida Little Philmont.  Scouting brings back many fond memories.  It helped turn these cute little boys -
into productive teenagers, 
who then became awesome young men who honor their priesthood.
And that was the purpose of the weekend - reminding ward and stake leaders that our goal is not necessarily to churn out Eagle Scouts, but to help build worthy Melchizedek Priesthood holders who will serve missions, marry in the temple, and lead the church.
We were able to meet at the beautiful BSA Camp Elmore, and realized that Wayne didn't recognize it as the location of their 2001 Fathers & Sons Campout because Hurricane Wilma blew down all of the pine trees a few years ago.
We learned a lot from President Beck and his wife, and from Elder Anthony Burns, and from the other speakers and presenters as well.  And we also had the opportunity to do some teaching and encouraging ourselves.
Finally, on the way home we got to drive by our new temple.  It's nice to know that progress is being made on all fronts of building the kingdom of God on the earth.

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Meg said...

Weston and I were able to be a part of little Philmont a few years ago and it was fantastic. I didn't really ever have scouting in my life (since my closest brother is 7 years older than me!) so I didn't understand how much of an impact it can/does have on boys. I'm so glad we got to go to little Philmont because it built my testimony of the value of scouts. I'm excited to watch Wyatt and Sam become wonderful men just like their Daddy!