Monday, October 1, 2012

"Finishers Wanted" - The 2012 Version

Happy October Everyone!

This blog is important to me as a way to stay connected with far-flung family and friends, yet sometimes I struggle with what to post that might be uplifting, or at least interesting.  I noticed that a lot of people in the blog-o-sphere were starting 31 Day Challenges today, and figured if I did something like that it might provide some focus for me.  So, after pondering a bit, I decided to bring back my "Finishers Wanted" series for the month of October.
Do you all remember that never-ending To-Do List that I started when Princess was a little girl?  Well, she's been off at college for over a month now, and it doesn't seem to be getting any shorter.  It's time to make some progress, and little things count.  The plan is to do at least one thing every day and share it with you.

Today's item was to finally finish re-doing the "Internet Password Cheat Sheet" that I keep on my desk.  The old one was getting more and more unreadable due to cross-offs and changes.  So, that's done.  Now it's on three pages, instead of two, so what got added to the list is to go through each site and see if I still need them.  Hopefully I'll then be able to revise it to be back-to-back on one piece of paper.

Isn't that the way it works?  For everything I cross off I add something new!


Elizabeth said...

Sometimes I avoid adding things to my to-do list that I know need to be added and ignore the fact that they should be on there until I finish everything that I have already written down. Then, when I finally finish that list, I revel in the 12 seconds of its emptiness. And then I write everything down that I had been avoiding and it cycles again!

Meg said...

Oh yes! It always seems like the list only gets longer! Weston will remind me that you've said it's in our nature to want to do more than we possibly can... and for some reason that helps me feel better. I'm trying to minimalize the things I think are important to just the things that really are important. I'm glad we have the Gospel to help us figure out what really matters!