Friday, October 5, 2012

Day #5 - Cracks and Crevices

It doesn't matter how careful you are, there always seems to be something that falls down in between the cracks of the stove and the counter.  And for some reason it bothers me.  Not enough, however, to pull out the oven every day!  But it's been several months, and so that chore was on the list.  Now it's not.  We'll see how long it stays clean.
And here's another little crevice I need to do something about.  It looks like whatever caulking material the builder put in is disintegrating.  However, I have no idea what product they used, and Home Depot wasn't any help.  I'm leaning towards just using a regular tub/sink white caulk, but I don't think it needs to be adhesive, so I'm not sure such a caulk exists.  Does anyone have any ideas?


Dave said...

I have ideas that will solve this problem for a long time!

Sealants around sinks always seem to wear out over time (just like tubs) but I can tell you how to fix it so that it looks professional.

First, with a razor blade scrape out whatever is left so it's really clean.

Next, use blue masking tape (blue peels off easier) and tape off the perimeter of the sink leaving 1/8" gap between the edge of the sink and the tape. You should be able to see a 1/8" strip of your countertop surface between the tape and your sink.

Then you take a CLEAR kitchen/bath silicone product and caulk the perimeter you just taped off. (You are right, it does not need to be adhesive in order to keep the sink in place, but it does need to be adhesive so that it outlasts the daily wear and tear of wiping up water and scrubbing your counter and sink clean). I suggest clear based on the look of your sink/countertop. It would look the best. Once you've caulked the perimeter, use your finger to wipe away excess making sure the sink surface stays as clean as possible.

Now you can peel the tape while the silicone is still wet and you will have a perfectly straight caulk line all the way around.

If you pay the extra $2-3 for the fast drying (1 hour) silicone then you won't have to avoid your kitchen sink for 24 hours. It's a GE product that Home Depot carries and it comes in a gold colored tube.

Delirious said...

Yes, I was going to suggest clear also.

Becky said...

I was hoping David would have a great suggestion. Thanks to you both!!