Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day #30 - Sewing

I've had several projects on the list that entail sewing, and I was hoping to get some of them done this month.  Just hoping apparently wasn't good enough, so maybe I better do some "planning" for November.  Anyway, one of the things that has become a higher priority is a scripture cover.  I use my scriptures, which is a good thing, and while the pages are in good shape, there's a flap on the cover that I've glued in place a few times.  I figured it needed something more than just glue to protect it.
So, I went searching for a tutorial and found a good one:  Scripture Cover by Delia Creates.  Then I went through the fabric stash looking for something that would work.  Fortunately there was something there.
I think it turned out nicely.  I couldn't find a button or elastic to match, and since I didn't want to take a trip to the store, I made it without the closure, which suits my purposes just fine.  And it was easy enough to do that maybe I'll make another one with the button someday.  (Don't hold your breath!!!)

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Elizabeth said...

It looks really good! If you ever run into a similar situation again, the bookbinding glue is called PVA. It's super strong on all things books and paper. Paint it on with a brush and it'll be a very long time before you have to fix it again.