Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Done! (Well, almost)

We've been keeping busy, but I know some of you want to see how the pantry turned out, so here you go.
After the last shelf was installed.

Left side after the final patching and painting.

The right, angled, side after everything's done.

The contents of the pantry have been sitting in the middle of the kitchen for a while.

And now the cans are all back where they belong.
There won't be any sagging from these shelves!

"We approve."
The middle of our kitchen is empty again!

All that's left is to install the door.


Delirious said...

Covet, covet, covet... :) Your kitchen is beautiful!

Meg said...

It's so ORGANIZED! Wow. And sparkly white. Great job, Dad! And Mom, you sure know how to keep a pantry stocked and ready!