Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Rewarding Family Home Evening

Many things changed with our move last year, but one of them didn't.  This high school also holds their awards night on Monday, so here's the fifth annual post on "Rewarding Family Home Evenings."  
Unfortunately, it will have to be the last one; it's time to pass the torch to the next generation.  And we have full confidence in their ability to keep it going, just give them a few years.
Distance and darkness = fuzzy pictures.
When Michelle received the invitation to attend (which meant she was getting an award), she figured it would only be for the cords passed out to the top 5% of the graduating class.  What a wonderful surprise to also receive the top student award for Calculus, Psychology and European History as well!

There was time afterwards for a quick stop at Dairy Queen to celebrate --
where they made some funny faces just for the older brothers.  Wish you could have joined us!!
Congratulations, Princess.  We're super proud of you!!


Delirious said...

Awesome! She's on her way to big things! :)

Meg said...

That looks like you had a lot of fun afterward- we wish we could have been there too! And Michelle, you look so beautiful (which matches your insides :D)!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! Yes, we would have loved to have been there!