Saturday, April 28, 2012

Special Day

 Here's the reason we woke up at 3:00 AM last Saturday, only to spend hours in airports and airplanes.  Definitely worth the discomfort and lack of sleep!

It's too bad you really can't see how gorgeous the dress is.  Grandma C. is amazing!
Falling asleep on the way to church.
And staying asleep afterwards!

I like to change my clothes often!
Telling Daddy "Thank you!"

Time for another nap!  Grandpa has the magic touch.


jenettew said...

Thanks for sharing baby photos! What a wonderful day for all. A very handsome bunch! Does Brooke look a little like Evelyn? Some very similar features. She is beautiful! Worth all the airports. . . .but I heard you drove home with the boys?

Cheryl said...

There is something so sweet about grandpas and granddaughters--was a cute photo!