Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Traditions

Happy Easter everyone!  
You'll be happy to know that we're having a beautiful day here in paradise, enjoying our Easter traditions.
Some egg coloring
Some basket finding
Some singing and worshiping - (see my post over here
And some eating
Here are our traditional recipes:
Creamed Eggs on Toast
Roast Lamb
and don't forget the chocolate and jelly beans!

Why is it that so many of our traditions revolve around food?


Elizabeth said...

If you want a practical answer to why so many traditions revolve around food, I think I have thought of one. It's something I've wondered about, especially as there seem to be so many holidays that each give you an excuse to "splurge because it's ___(fill in the blank-- Easter, Halloween, etc)___ and it only comes once a year!" and suddenly you're splurging every other week. I guess 80 years ago it was way expensive to be able to afford certain food and so thereby it became holiday food because it really was a celebration to be able to have it. And so holiday traditions sprung up around food because onece upon a time it was the only practical time to spend a little extra on food. In some ways, I guess it's noce that we no longer have to wait for a holiday to eat ham, but perhaps some members of society have taken that thinking a little too far. But you probably already thought of all of this.

jeffhead said...

nope. never.

And I was disappointed to see that you weren't dying the eggs in those crusty off yellow-orange mugs from the land before time.

We$ said...

I think it's because the best traditions involve all 5 senses. There are decorations, music, talking, hugs, games, stories, objects, etc. that are all part of the traditions as well - and they appeal to the senses. Some of those could get us the right smells, but I can't imagine having a "tasting tradition" if it involved something other than food.