Sunday, January 15, 2012

Menu - Week 1

I did that last post as a warm up; here's the real beginning, and since I'm getting a late start, we'll add one more to catch up.  You'll notice there are no desserts planned, except for Sunday.  That's how January usually starts!  I'm also not going to add the side dishes unless it's something new and/or special.  Just know that we do eat our vegetables.

Sunday - New Year's Day
marinated chicken breasts, Cheesy Ranch Potatoes, salad and vegies, brownies and ice cream

Monday - traveling
airport food - chicken wrap

Tuesday -
Chicken Minestrone (from the freezer)

Wednesday -
Party Kielbasa over rice

Thursday -
Hearty Cassoulet

Friday -
Chicken Enchiladas

Saturday - Dutch Oven
Chicken with Vegetables

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Delirious said...

this is something I struggle with too. Sometimes I go to the store and am inspired by some ingredients I see, and plan out several meals in my head. But most often I just struggle from day to day. I need to start planning better so that I take away some of the stress involved.