Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WFMW - Food Chain

Works for Me Wednesday
Food Chain

I wrote about this idea a while ago (see here), but we had another round of "recycling mistakes" and my husband came up with a much nicer name. So, I figured it was time to share again. He called it "Food Chain" because I took something from one meal and it evolved into something entirely different for the next. He wondered if it was possible to keep it going for 365 days! I don't think so, but now maybe I'll keep track.

Last time it was under-cooked toffee that went into cookies that in turn became part of a pie crust. This week it was stuffing (which really wasn't a mistake at all) that became part of a stuffing casserole (see here).
This is actually a pretty regular occurrence. The next night was a 3-stage food chain:
  1. Peach sauce over whole chicken breasts with rice on the side
  2. Some pre-cooked chicken from the freezer mixed with the leftover peach sauce, again served over rice
  3. The rice and sauce combined with some stir-fry vegetables for quick and easy Fried Rice
Not wasting food Works for Me!

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Elizabeth said...

I need to do this more often! I have discovered that the only way to only slightly increase our grocery budget over here (instead of having it double!) is to buy EVERYTHING at Costco-- including large packs of fruits and veggies! So I am learning to make 5 meals that taste differently that still contain all of the same basic ingredients. The hard part is to do it without being boring! I guess it's just a lesson in stretching my creativity!