Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WFMW - Photo Albums

Works for Me Wednesday
Simple Photo Albums

Someone asked if Wyatt looked like his dad as a newborn. I decided I was curious about that as well, so went to pull out the pictures. Then I realized that our system of storing pictures would make a great "works for me" post. From the time we were married, I was pretty good about putting our pictures directly into photo albums - nothing fancy, just make sure the date's on the back, and slip them in. (I would always order double prints - one set went into the family photo album, and the other was divided among grandparents and the kids' scrapbooks.)

The first ones weren't particularly archive-friendly, so once I realized that, we switched to these simple acid-free 6-to-a-page albums. And several years ago I bought a bunch more and moved our first pictures into them.

Now we have over 30 albums, but because everything is in chronological order, it's super simple to find the pictures we want. (Of course, that assumes no one has removed the photo and never replaced it. THAT would never happen!)

Now, you can decide for yourself if Wyatt looks like Weston!

That's what works for us. This is what works for others. What works for you?


Sue said...

Yes, that was my plan as well, but those who would never remove a picture and return it to the wrong place seem to have done so anyway.

Now the albums are all a shambles, and I need to go through and start all over again.


The best laid plans....


Anonymous said...

I need to do better at this. I used to be good and now I am not. :)

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Oh how I wish I had done that -- gotten a photo storage plan, stuck with it, and kept up starting after I got married! Sigh, now I am years behind on pictures, have 3 or 4 different systems I've used a little for pictures, and with 3 kids there is no time to catch up!!!!

姵Roman潔 said...
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